About us

About CLA-DOR Industrial Supply

Welcome to CLA-DOR Industrial Supply, where excellence in metalworking tools has been our passion since 1991. As a family-owned business deeply rooted in our community, we have proudly served the metalworking industry throughout the Quinte, Kingston, Prince Edward County and Northumberland regions, and on occasion, as far away as New Brunswick and British Columbia for over three decades.

Our Founder's Vision

Our journey began with a visionary founder, Rod Clarke, who recognized the growing need for a local supplier of high-quality High-Speed Steel (HSS) and Carbide Tools at competitive prices. Rod's background as a distributor representative for carbide cutting tools gave him the insight to establish CLA-DOR Industrial Supply, a business dedicated to meeting the evolving tooling demands of our region.

From Humble Beginnings to Current Success

Starting from humble beginnings in Stirling, Ontario, and with unwavering support from Rod's wife, CLA-DOR steadily expanded its presence. In 1995, we moved to our current location on Parks Drive in Belleville, Ontario. This strategic move allowed us to better serve our growing customer base and further solidify our position as a trusted partner in the metalworking industry.

Our Committed Team

Today, CLA-DOR Industrial Supply boasts a dedicated and knowledgeable team ready to assist you with all your tooling needs.

CLA-DOR Industrial Supply CO. LTD.

Meet our experts:


Taylor heads up our inside sales team, ready to provide solutions and process your orders. If you have tight turnarounds or need assistance with challenging machining materials, he brings a solution minded approach to any of your challenges.


Melissa joined CLA-DOR in 2005 as part of our sales team, later purchasing the business from her father in 2016. With many years of experience, Melissa is often found on the customer’s shop floor helping to maximize tool performance. Much like her father, she excels at problem solving working with customers to achieve bottom line efficiencies. Whether the machining is straight forward or requires custom tooling to maximize machine production time, she works with clients to come up with a solution.


Carolyn is your go-to resource for valuable insights and solutions. She joined us 2012 as our Office Manager and works to ensure our inventory levels are maintained and customer orders are processed on time.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At CLA-DOR Industrial Supply, we take pride in offering our clients the collective experience of our staff. Alongside our exceptional team, we provide a vast selection of products from trusted manufacturers, enabling us to cater to a wide range of machining applications. Whether you're dealing with tight deadlines or difficult-to-machine materials, count on CLA-DOR to deliver the right tools and expertise to meet your needs.

Join us on our journey as we continue to be your partner in achieving excellence in metalworking. Your success is our mission, and we look forward to serving you for many more years to come.

Thank you for choosing CLA-DOR Industrial Supply, where quality meets precision, and dedication fuels innovation.